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March 07, 2005


Jim the Fireman

As a unionized public employee (firefighter), I heartily support the diversification of labor's allegiance. For far too long the Dems have simply taken us for granted. Thankfully, the International Association of Fire Fighters has taken the side of not being so rigid in its allegiance and has said so to the AFL-CIO.


Whether or not it is "protectionist" to demand a level playing field for commerce is a matter of semantic dispute.

Given that, your comments are correct: many business owners are extremely upset with the Administration's laissez faire attitude regarding global commerce--and most of them are Republican-inclined (to say the least.)

Based on personal knowledge, I can also tell you that this AFL-CIO split may become permanent. The Construction Trades people are infuriated with Sweeney, not in the least because his slavish adherence to the DNC immigration position weakens the Trades' strength.

Finally, at some point the violence exercised by certain Unions in support of Democratic positions and candidates (e.g., Philadelphia 2000, Green Bay 2000, and numerous vandalisms/threats in 2004) does NOT make rank-and-file membership comfortable, any more than it would make Republican rank/file people comfortable were it the other way around.

Too bad. Unions have good reason to exist, although they have overplayed their hands in some cases.

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