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January 09, 2005



I am in my 60's and have lived in Milwaukee my entire life and your comments about Milwaukee and Wisconsin are very insightful. Basically, the liberals in the People's Republic of Madison and the hold-overs from the blue collar/labor mentality in Milwaukee, and now the Teacher's Union, have held WI hostage. And, in the City of Milwaukee with its large black population, the Democrat Party has that nailed down.

WI has many fine qualities and many, many people from Illinois come to WI in the summertime to enjoy our lakes, etc. Unfortunately, here in Milwaukee there has always been a strong Socialist mindset. I know quite a few people that had fathers and grandfathers that had worked in factories around town and however their union told them to vote that's how they voted. Luckily some, not all, have seen the light of day and are now conservative. But, many of them cannot get past the Democrat mindset and continue to support that ticket. If a person runs in Milwaukee County as a Republican there is absolutely no chance they will win except in a few select areas. In this last presidential election, I liked to ask the Kerry supporters why exactly they were going to vote for him and they really couldn't articulate an answer. But that is how their family has voted (Democrat) forever. However, there are changes, albeit small changes.

My nephew is a member of the Teamsters Union and he told me that many of his fellow union members were definitely voting for Bush but were almost afraid to say so to other union members and definitely not to the union stewart.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately about the Communist infiltration of the unions in the beginning of the years in the 30's, 40's, 50's, etc. And, I can remember talking to union members when I was much younger and my friends who had fathers belonging to a union and how they were so against the company. Even when I was young and naive, I often thought that the company was employing these people and what would happen to their livlihood if the company folded.

I realize I've been rambling but all I can say is thank heavens for the bloggers.


I had a good laugh over your blog calling Russ Feingold "sanctimonious" and "looney". I ask you, compared to whom? Mark Belling? Charlie Sykes? I know it's fun to throw around labels, but Russ Feingold is a more complicated political figure than you give him credit for. And he is hardly a clone of the late Paul Wellstone. Russ Feingold has been tenacious in his votes for spending cuts. You could hardly say the same for Paul Wellstone. Russ Feingold stood up to his party and voted for John Ashcroft and even endorsed Ashcroft's position on the 2nd amendment applying to individuals. That's hardly the same as the late Senator from Minnesota. But more importantly, his demeanor is far more respectful with people he disagrees with. Wellstone was more of a gadfly, kind of like Howard Dean. You seem to be clueless as to why Russ Feingold has been elected 3 times to the United States Senate from Wisconsin. He's had more money spent against him than any other politician in Wisconsin history. And this, after taking some pretty unpopular and controversial stands. Look at a map of the state and see how many Feingold/Bush voters there were. You should talk to some of those swing voters. They like Russ because he stands up for what he believes. Had John Kerry had this type of appeal, he would probably be our next President. You also accused Feingold of being condescending towards the people of Alabama for pointing out that they vote on their social fears versus their economic needs. And at the same time you basically say Wisconsin voters are stupid for voting for Feingold. You can't have it both ways. You're the one who's condescending, but that doesn't surprise me for a young business major who goes to school in Chicago. You have a lot to learn about Wisconsin politics, but I enjoy reading your blog.


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